Our Team


Board of Directors

John Chatelain

John C. Chatelain, M.D.


Patrick Higgins

Patrick Higgins, MG(R)

Vice Chairman

Rollyn Trueblood

Rollyn Trueblood, LTC(R)


Don Jacka

Don Jacka, MG(R)

Board of Directors

Brad Beasley

Brad Beasley, COL(R)

Board of Directors

Jack Lichtenstein

Jack Lichtenstein, COL(R)

Board of Directors

Charlie Nahabedian

Charlie Nahabedian

Board of Directors

Paul Wharton, COL(R)

Board of Directors

Chris Scheuermann

Ex-Officio Director

Sandy Pershing

Sandra Pershing

Director Emeritus

How We Govern

The Pershing Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of a maximum of nine voting members. The Board is responsible for establishing the Foundation’s mission and charitable cause, setting and supervising the execution of its strategic plan, and providing oversight of all fiscal policies and actions to include approving the annual budget and voting on key investment policies that help ensure the Foundation’s continued success.  The Foundation’s Board of Directors is ultimately responsible for ensuring the organization has the leadership and resources necessary to meet its objectives.


Foundation Staff

David Poe

David Poe

Executive Director

Kevin Collins-Nelson